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the iota project

The IOTA Project is a VR game developed in Unreal Engine for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The player is dropped into the cockpit of a six story mechanized robot.

Together, you must defend a tropical neon-punk city as you seek out and destroy enemy forces.

Artist Maelstrom

Upon switching to Unreal Engine, we gave our artists a challenge: create an environment viewable in virtual reality.  


blade ballet

Blade Ballet is a slashing dance of robot destruction. Players take control of whirling bots armed with laser swords, maces, bombs, and more, battling to the death. Each bot possesses a unique personality and special abilities - use them to claim victory as you spin from one challenging arena to the next.  

Blade Ballet is an award winning title available on PS4 and Steam.





about Dreamsail 



About Us

"DreamSail" is a motto for a situation that ANY creative would want for themselves.

The act of DreamSailing is to pursue the optimism of embarking on a creative journey while acknowledging the spice of adventure that one should expect from any voyage.

No ship is guaranteed to ever reach its destination, and this sentiment keeps us pragmatic in the pursuit of our dreams. Culturally, we are proud to acknowledge the personal ambitions of our employees and our ability solve development smartly to ensure the production of fantastic games.

The over-arching goal is to create a game experience that can take our player community along for an emotionally significant ride. We want our players to not just interact with our end products - but over the course of their development as well.

Everyone sails with us. 

We're the adventurous sort who take advantage of their opportunities to create awesome things for ourselves and the world at large. We're not afraid to be indulgent, and prefer the kind of work culture where achieving creative fulfillment is more important than chasing quick victories. 

Starting up in New York City has meaning for us. We have all been apart of the city's expanding Gamedev community, watched it grow over the years and inspire us to seek opportunities wihtin it. Thanks to the NYU Game Center and other local communities like Playcrafting, we're proud to be in a position to contribute ourselves.

We strive to catalyze our local scene. 






VR Agency NYC

Justin Sanders

Founder, Artist

                   Justin served as an Environment Artist for Insomniac Games and worked alongside prodigious game-dev veterans to deliver fun art assets and intriguing set compositions for the Ratchet & Clank franchise. After a period of devoted labor, Justin set out to carve his own destiny alongside Kevin Porras and founded DreamSail Games.


VR Agency NYC

Kevin Porras

Co-Founder, Producer

Kevin comes to DreamSail Games from Scholastic. He was a game producer and designer, working on products that linked his loves for reading and games. One day, he realized the game industry could be his future when he created his first batch of games with Justin Sanders at the NYU Game Center. He hopes to one day own a fleet of disarmed-but-still-awesome tanks.


Virtual Reality Studio

Nicholas Gomes

Co-Founder, Programmer

Nick got his start in the New York game industry working at Large Animal Games. There he pitched, prototyped and released Color Zen in addition to various other mobile titles. Afterwards, he worked alongside the creators of Doodle Jump to release a new Doodle Jump – DC Super Heroes game. Now Nick uses his powers for good as part of the DreamSail team to create more awesome games.


Virtual Reality Studios

Neil Sveri

Co-Founder, Programmer

Neil is a self-taught programmer with a passion for Game Development. After making a few rounds in the NYC game jam scene, he joined with some colleagues to start an independent game development collective called Studio Mercato, where he worked on the hectic bar table game DFU and helped develop the digital port of the board game Nika. This programming prodigy is now a professional bot-wrangler for DreamSail.


Virtual Reality Agency

Alec Galambos

Music and Audio Lead

Alec is an NYC-based composer and sound designer for film, game, and concert projects, and a fledgling virtuoso of the baby accordion.  After growing up on a steady diet of piano and choral music, he studied composition and voice at Emory University, before moving to New York to pursue a M.M. degree in Composition and Film Scoring at NYU.  He has since recorded scores for indie features, documentaries, shorts, and animations, and has contributed music to nationwide advertising campaigns and video games. Alec is very excited to be recording music and sound for DreamSail, and to be playing F-Zero again totally for research purposes.


VR Production

James Gannon

3D Artist

James worked in freelance before becoming an educator at Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida. He spent some time as an artist in Montreal for the mobile developer Gameloft, working on the Dungeon Hunter series. James works on a wide array of art related topics ranging from modeling, and texturing, to rigging and animation and 3D printing.


Innovation Agency

Paul Jouard

3D Artist

Paul Jouard started his career as a background artist for Machinima Prime, Spazkidin3D and other Youtube animators and personalities. While studying 3D Animation at Pratt Institute, he developed rigs and animations for game assets and characters for Archetype Studios. Today, he is happily involved in animation and design and following his dreams at DreamSail Games.


Virtual Tour

Andrew Chester

Software Engineer

After graduating from the Computer Science program at NJIT, Andrew worked at UnitedHealth Care as an Application Developer. Several years later he decided to try his hand at game development, which had always been a dream of his. Now at DreamSail Games that dream has become reality.


Virtual interactive experience

Lauren Westlake

3D Artist

Lauren has always had a passion for MMOs and RPGs. After graduating fresh off the boat from Sheridan College in Canada, she jumped across to another country and landed with DreamSail Games after being an intern and freelancing online with Zymo Entertainment. She continues to strive on making zany creatures for the rest of her life, along with helping DreamSail achieve their goals by using her 3D modeling, texturing, concepting and UI skills to suit their needs. 


VR Agency NYC

Jonathan Bove

Game Designer

Jonathan has a lifelong passion for tabletop gaming and film. After attending NYU film school he proceeded to design board games on a professional level at Fantasy Flight Games in Minnesota. Deciding to abandon the frigid air he returned to his hometown and pursued digital game design, finding the perfect opportunity to utilize his diverse skills at DreamSail Games.


VR 360

Becky Benett

Marketing and Community Manager

Becky graduated from the Gallatin School at NYU, where she finally realized that working in video games was a viable career path after discovering the NYU Game Center and spending time game-jamming with her friends. Now she is thrilled to be a part of the DreamSail team, where she spends her days messing around in mixed reality. Challenge her to a match of Blade Ballet and prepare to... probably win.

PSN: springknome
Steam: booshumew


VR Agency

Martin Wong

Software Engineer

Marty is a passionate developer from the Worcester and Central Mass area. He's had a hand in many mobile titles out of MassDiGI a student manned organization. Handling everything from production leadership to programming a pudgy germ who squeals when you poke him. He now works here at DreamSail yelling in programmer's office about anime and Chipotle and perpetually adding more hazard lines to the game.


VR Studio

Cindy Mallory

CMO / Emergent Tech Analyst

A few years ago, you would find Cindy in a biochemistry laboratory. Although the lab coat fit, this girl cast aside biofuel enzyme isolation when a game designer helped display her protein in VR. Now Cindy can be spotted devouring programming languages with a chaser of business strategy. The snarky scientist spends her days glaring at graphs with 20 tabs of game industry research open on her web browser.

Virtual Reality Studio

Brenton Goodwin

Brenton has worked in just about everything you can do as a 3D artist, from TV, commercials, video game trailers, cinematics, freelancing, VFX and feature film to game dev, loving every minute of it. Originally from Sydney, Australia, he brings to DreamSail a deep passion and drive for design and concept, modeling, sculpting and texturing.

Virtual Reality Studios

Steven Sanders



Innovation Agency

Lewis Sanders






Nestled in the heart of NYC, our studio serves as a creative and cultural hub.





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