about Dreamsail 



About Us

"DreamSail" is a motto for a situation that ANY creative would want for themselves.

The act of DreamSailing is to pursue the optimism of embarking on a creative journey while acknowledging the spice of adventure that one should expect from any voyage.

No ship is guaranteed to ever reach its destination, and this sentiment keeps us pragmatic in the pursuit of our dreams. Culturally, we are proud to acknowledge the personal ambitions of our employees and our ability solve development smartly to ensure the production of fantastic games.

The over-arching goal is to create a game experience that can take our player community along for an emotionally significant ride. We want our players to not just interact with our end products - but over the course of their development as well.

Everyone sails with us. 

We're the adventurous sort who take advantage of their opportunities to create awesome things for ourselves and the world at large. We're not afraid to be indulgent, and prefer the kind of work culture where achieving creative fulfillment is more important than chasing quick victories. 

Starting up in New York City has meaning for us. We have all been apart of the city's expanding Gamedev community, watched it grow over the years and inspire us to seek opportunities wihtin it. Thanks to the NYU Game Center and other local communities like Playcrafting, we're proud to be in a position to contribute ourselves.

We strive to catalyze our local scene.