We Create New realities 



DreamSail Games is a full stack virtual reality content developer that creates fully interactive VR experiences. Our studio provides white glove service that begins with storyboards and prototyping and ends with a true VR experience.


VR Agency NYC

Fully interactive experiences

DreamSail Games envisions encounters with your brand that dig deeper than any other in the market. Our VR production pipeline is seasoned by lessons learned from crafting interactive games and experiences on multiple platforms.  

Our interactive VR experiences are not stitched together 360 degree videos. We transport users to new worlds that react to their presence. DreamSail will work with you to develop a new reality from concept to fully developed content on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, GearVR or Google Daydream. 


DreamSail provides turnkey services for creating, implementing, and measuring the impact of your campaign. 

We have experience exhibiting and speaking internationally. DreamSail projects were showcased at Advertising Week New York, 4C: St. Petersburg, PAX West/East, TwitchCon, and more. 

Our exhibition team provides technical set up, including green screen, tracking stations, HMD fitting, and mixed reality filming of your users inside your virtual reality experience.  We will guide users through your experience at trade shows, press events, and corporate functions. We can help you measure the success of experimental marketing campaigns through an analytics package that is tailored to your needs.

Through our partnership with LIV, we can host your experience in our mobile mixed reality studio that will turn your presence at any event into a spectacle.

VR Studio NYC

VR Studio

AAA Game industry solutions

DreamSail Games is an agile, independent team that wields the technology and techniques often utilized by larger studios. Our start-up has experience in using industry leading toolsets such as Unreal 4, Unity, Wwise, PhysX and more. 

We have  successfully published projects on PlayStation 4, Steam, iOS App Store, and Google Play and have learned how to navigate certification and QA processes of each. 

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